Love My Mattress 10 Year Warranty

Who and what this warranty covers

Simply put, this warranty cover any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the day you receive your mattress.  This warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser of the mattress.  The mattress must have been purchased through Love My Mattress or a certified reseller.  Proof of purchase must be supplied (if you do not have this we may be able to assist).  

• Seams coming apart

• Foam tearing or crumbling

• A visible indentation greater than 1" in depth.  This assumes no weight is applied to the top of the bed when being measured. 

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, stained products, products damaged by the customer, or products without a law label (leave your label attached!). 

Warranty Resolutions

We will repair or replace the product or defective components at our discretion.  We will cover shipping during the entire process to ensure you are not given any additional cost. 

How to file a warranty

Please contact customer service at 866.244.0898 or email us to begin a warranty claim.  We promise to resolve any issues in a timely manner so you can get back to sleeping comfortably.



Warranties claims occur in less than .001% (one tenth of one percent) of our products.  In the rare instance it does occur, it is usually due to a sizing error and hardly ever a quality error.  We do everything possible to ensure that we make world class products the first time we send them out.  We hope that you will buy with confidence knowing that what you receive was manufactured with the utmost care and concern.